HashClipper – The Fastest Online NTLM Hash Cracker

I simply wanted to create my own -fast- NTLM hash cracker because the other ones online are ether dead, not maintained, obsolete, or the worst one: a rip off.
Of course the greatest inspiration was this:

NTLM is the hash mechanism used in Windows. It’s usually what a hacker want to retrieve as soon as he/she gets into the system.
Cracking NTLM hashes can also help normal users or administrators to retrieve a password without having to reset it.
Please refer to this lengthy guide for NTLM cracking

Hash clipper is really not a new idea, It’s just a different implementation of rainbow-tables cracking algorithm, with an addition layer of protection against bots and spammers.
Thanks to freerainbowtables.com for making my life much much easier!



Oh you gona love this tool. Specially you skiddies 😀

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for the way you use the tool. I developed it for admins who have the privilege to their systems to retrieve their passwords, I also developed it for “educational purposes” only!

>>> hashclipper.addaxsoft.com

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