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Clean Your Mac OS X from the Ads Injecting Malware

If you’re suffering from an ads injecting malware like this one:

Usually it is a black box showing at the button of any website you visit form any browser: Safari, Chrome, Firefox.
Don’t try to remove a plugin or extension. This malware is not a browser add-in.
I have wrote a tiny bash script to run in your mac and it will clean your system.
You can download it form here – just run it as sudo.

You can easily view the source of the script by opening it in your fav text editor.

credits: Thanks to this guy here who mentioned the process name and how to clean it.

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KINGSTON KTL-TP1066 8Gb for MacBook Pro mid 2010

This is to confirm that a KINGSTON KTL-TP1066/4G x2 will work on a MacBook Pro (MacBookPro7,1) – mid 2010.

Although there is no sign on the internet that this will work on a Mac, I had to take the risk and test it myself (having to order one from US all the way to Qatar). It works like charm, and my Mac is super fast again running the latest version of OS X.

Here they upgrade a Ram for around 215$, I ordered the 8Gb sticks for 65$ only! You can also order other types of Rams online just make sure you have the same specifications as the one mentioned in your current installed Ram. Feel free to ask me about the model you have on the comment section.

Happy upgrading folks.

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