First let me thank you for visiting this page and your interest into knowing more about this website.

I ((A.K.)) launched AddaxSoft in 2008 to be a portal and an archive to all my projects. I started alone and then formed a team with different roles from software developers to graphical designers. We were famous for many projects such:

  • Khawatir App for iPad and iPhone
  • Anti ProRAT that was able to sanitise your Windows machines from ProRAT trojan when other AVs failed.
  • PC-Reporter to help you generate reports of the current running state, processes, and auto-run applications in your computer.
  • Others…

By the year 2013, I had to leave my baby company and devote my time to information security studies. A field which I always wanted to be an expert in since I was a kid.

At the moment, this website is an archive to all the projects which can still be found under archive. I also blog about infosec, you can browse all related posts under security now. It’s the field that I have always enjoyed, and the reason why I started programming at the first place.

If you have any question, comment, or feedback please do not hesitate to contact us.

Otherwise, please enjoy browsing the portal, and make sure you contribute by commenting on the posts.