Blocking Tor Traffic to Your Server

You’ve seen before how I got targeted by thousands of brute force attempts and how I mitigated the attacks earlier in this post; however, I wanted to do something better and more efficient. A filter at the firewall to block all these attempts from even establishing a basic TCP connection with the HTTP server.

The Problem
One major problem is that these attempts were not coming from a single IP address. Attackers will use TOR to hide themselves and to have different IPs to over-come the first obstacles that is: blocking the attacker’s source IP address.

Init Solution
According to this answer here, there is a script by TorProject that can give you a list of Tor Exit Nodes to your server. For example I can get a list of all exit nodes IP addresses using this url:
Using this list one can dynamically block all Tor traffic for an amount of time – as long as the attack is going then switch the filter off to allow people who use Tor as a way to protect their privacy (although you can still sniff all data if you’re the Exit Node – read this article for more details on that: Tor: Exploiting the weakest link)

I will write a script to do that soon. Stay tuned. (Thank you Python!)

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